Be Kind Please Rewind

I had two little boys that liked to run and jump over things and then pretend to shoot at each other. I used to try and hover over them and make sure they wouldn’t get hurt and it always ended in me screaming “I have to return you to your mother in the condition I found you in!”. Do yall have any idea how terrifying it is to have two little lives in your hands that DON’T belong to you and the co-owner don’t particularly like you at the time? That’s stressful! Praise God it’s not that way now.

Say One More Thing About My Momma…

Let me ask you something. If you have even a decent relationship with your own mother, if some stranger started behaving in a threatening manner toward her, would that offend you or cause you to be cautious around that person? I think a lot of us would down right act out if someone even looked at our momma sideways. Yet, I expected that my relationship with the boys should be completely separated from their loyalty to their mother.